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{Solved}"Paper Tray Empty", or "Out of Paper. Load paper in the tray" (3502)

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Are you using Kodak Printer and facing Error code 3502?

Sometime it happens while using the printing machine it throws error 3502(Paper tray Empty).You can take step by step guide to resolve this error or can get in touch with Kodak printer customer support number.

Go through this blog and find out the fixation steps as well as causes of 3502 error.

Causes of Kodak printer Error 3502(“out of paper”)

1. Paper path is blocked.

2. Paper is not specific to your printer

Steps to Fix Kodak Printer Error 3502

1. First you have to remove all the paper from the main tray.

2. Fan and stack the paper and then put it back.

3. Carefully Transfer the paper in the tray in forward until it stops.

4. Always make sure that move the paper-edge guides correctly until they touch the paper.


o Not load more than 5-10 sheets into the tray if it is a photo.

o Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity.

5. Finally retry to print papers again.

If the problem is doesn’t get fixed and you are facing the same error code then not to worry. It’s recommended to take help from the third party and get instant online help by dialling a toll-free Kodak Printer support number 1-800-862-1908.

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